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                                BENEFITS OF MOTORIZATION

The ease of operating motorized window coverings makes them much
more convenient to use.

Motorized window coverings are perfect for hard-to-reach window locations where manual operation is difficult or not possible.

 Motorized window coverings have no manual operation devices (such as pull cords or chains) to detract from their appearance.

Motorized window coverings reduce the potential safety risks associated with pull cords or chains.

Automation Possibilities
Motorized window coverings offer many automation options, including the ability to be integrated with lighting or home automation systems, which offers enhanced benefits like Energy Saving, Security and Control from mobile devices, remote access.


     With PowerView™ Motorization from Hunter Douglas, the world’s most beautiful window treatments are now the most intelligent. This innovative wireless system controls any powered Hunter Douglas window treatment in your home. Operate a single window treatment or all of them in perfect concert—all on your command. 

Precise Operation:
PowerView™ offers precise control of a variety of different Hunter Douglas products and styles, whether up, down, tilt or traverse.


Flexible Schedules:
With the PowerView App, you can quickly create customized Scenes that control all the shades in your home to operate together or in any combination you desire. Then you can easily schedule those Scenes to move your shades automatically so you don’t have to.


Energy Efficient:
Easily link Schedules to sunrise and sunset times calculated by PowerView to control solar energy throughout the seasons or wake with the sun.


Adjust shades while you are away via the RemoteConnect™ feature on your smartphone or tablet.


Child Friendly:
Simple, battery-powered and cord-free operation is aesthetically pleasing and safer for children and pets.


With the widest array of innovative styles, colors and fabrics in the industry, your motorized window treatments are as beautiful as they are intelligent.


Battery Powered:
Most PowerView window treatments are battery-powered, so they’re easy to install, operate and maintain. The battery-pack is hidden behind the headrail so there’s nothing to mar the beauty of your window treatments.



Meet the PowerView™ Pebble™, the stylish handheld control and the entry point for the entire PowerView system. With the Pebble Remote, or wall-mounted Surface Remote, you can quickly adjust any single powered window treatment or all the treatments in a specific room, totally on your command. Enter a room and, like switching on a light, your shades operate at your command with the stylish.

PowerView Pebble™ Remote available in seven on-trend colors. The Pebble Palette™ is artfully designed to personalize and harmonize with any home décor.
Black Matte, Clear Frost, Citron, Cobalt, Pewter Frost, Poppy and White. The inner remote module is available in white or black, giving you a plethora of personalization options.


Surface Remote. Or, reach for the Pebble Remote and adjust your shades on the fly to block the glareon a TV set, open to the view, or lower the shades for privacy without lifting more than a finger. The Pebble is the perfect union of form and function, both simply elegant and elegantly simple. PowerView Surface Remote fits to any wall for visually pleasing, wall-mounted control. The sleek, matte finish complements any wall color.  Available in three colors: Black Matte, Nickel Matte, and White Matte.

PowerView™ Surface Scene Controller

Scene control on any wall in any home. PowerView™ Surface Scene Controller features:
An OLED screen for displaying pre-selected Scenes. Scroll between and activate Scenes using the left and right arrow buttons and “Select.” Two different “Favorite” options allow for one-button Scene activation. Set up and updating is done using the PowerView App. Easily mounts in key locations to control all the Scenes in your home. Select from three finishes to adapt to the personality of any home. 
Scene Controller working in concert with the PowerView Hub and App, you can activate pre-programmed Scenes directly from the handheld Pebbleor wall-mounted Surface. Quickly scrollthrough a list of your personalized Scenes oractivate using one of two Favorite buttons.




Direct control from your phone or tablet.

For more precise individual shade control or group control, use the PowerView™ App to send shades to specific positions with just the swipe of a finger. The PowerView App is available on Apple® iOS and Android™ mobile devices and requires a PowerView Hub for operation. The innovative PowerView Hub, which easily connects to your home’s existing WiFi router, acts as the central nervous system for the entire PowerView Motorization system. It integrates all your motorized window treatments with the PowerView App, providing direct shade control and customized Scene settings from a single, central device. Then, from the convenience of your phone or tablet, use the PowerView App to quickly, precisely and with endless variety control the positions of all the shades in the room. Simply create your Rooms, add your shades to those Rooms, make a selection and use product-specific slider bars to adjust your shades to precise positions, 100% of the time.



PowerView Hub:

The Hub attaches to your home’s WiFi router and is the centralized brain of the entire PowerView system, storing the customized settings, activating Schedules and providing a central point of control for all PowerView window treatments in your home.

The Hub allows  to operate the PowerView App, Scene Controller, Scenes, RemoteConnect™,
Scheduling and more. The Hub is what connects all the elements of this intelligent operating system.
When you see the system in action, you will immediately understand the convenience of PowerView Motorization..
With the PowerView Hub your you can:
• Control all the shades in the home with the PowerView App on a mobile device.
• Turn every mobile device in the home into a personal remote control.
• Schedule shade operation in advance for energy efficiency, privacy, security and convenience.
• Program Scenes to suit your lifestyles. Scenes are a combination of pre-programmed window treatment positions to meet different light and privacy needs throughout the day: Good Morning, Yoga Time, Movie Time, etc.
• Add a Pebble™ Scene Controller for one-button Scene operation for situations when a mobile device is not convenient.
• Access the PowerView system anytime, anywhere, with RemoteConnect™ on a mobile device, using data or a Wi-Fi connection.
• Integrate PowerView Motorization into a whole-home automation system.
• Simplify their lives with the power of this advanced technology.





Somfy is one of the world leader in the design and manufacture of specialise motors and electronic controls for window coverings. More than 30 years on the market and more then 100 000 000 motors were sold! Somfy has full line of motors for any window coverings applications: roller shades - raise and lower; horizontal blinds - raise, lower, tilt and close; shutters - open, close, tilt louvers; drapery - open, close, one way and center opening etc. There are also a choice in how the window covering is powered. Depends of your preferences you can use Battery (Wire-Free) 12V- motor is powered by lithium batteries; Plug In - 12V, 24V and 110V - power supply plugs directly into a standard electrical outlet; In-wall wired - 12V, 24V, 110V - wires from all motors run to a central power supply.  





FOREST (Netherlands) is one of the best manufacturers the highest quality of drapery hardware in the word. Their TCS motorized track has the same dimensions as well known tracks KS and CKS. Silent 24V motor with Touch Control function has the torque 1,5 Nm that enough to move drapery up to 50 Kg. Integrated Emergency Control ensures Manual operations of the curtain in case of Power failure. The motor is modular and different modules can be attached: RF, Switch, Infrared, Home Automation, Serial Communication, Z-Wave etc. Variable velocity with slow start and slow stop makes.



 The new 6-channels Diamond Remote Control can control up to 6 curtains in one room. Give your curtains the unique Forest flow and indulge yourself with the comfort of the Forest Shuttle® motorized curtain track systems. Your curtains will hang beautifully smooth and you can control them from your seat. By pressing a simple button you are able to open and close the curtains in your living room, bedroom, office space and wherever else you desire. Swift, smooth and noiseless.