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In all our projects we use only the highest quality hardware from the best worlds manufacturers: Kirsch, The Finials Company, Paris Texas, Forest, Deco and Deco and some other.

Wood poles   - 3”, 2 ¾”, 2 ¼” and 1⅜” poles up to 16’ long. You can choose of smooth, twisted, fluted, grooved, reeded or wide reeded  styles.  Wide selection of finials, rings, brackets , rosettes, tiebacks and crests .  To any pole you choose we can add traversing or motorization options.  The traverse pole could be with or without rings and your drapery or sheer will always slide perfectly and smoothly no matter if it’s heavy or light. And this is always whole rings and poles (not a half) and looks a real from any points of view. Forget about inconvenience to have beautiful but completely non-functional wood poles.  Motorization provide you even more comfort to open and close your drapery or sheer – you can do it by just pressing of button on your remote control  or  wall switch.




Metal rods – 1”, 1⅜” and 1¾” rods up to 8’ long (could be connected to get any size). Lots of styles to choose - from hammered and twisted classic style rods to very contemporary gorgeous collections. Some of metal rods collections could be motorized.



Acrylic ( transparent) poles - 1”, 1⅜” poles collections up to 8’. There are acrylic finials, rings and brackets and a new collection of finials from Deco&Deco  Premium Hardware Company.


Drapery Tracks – we use Forest (Netherlands) tracks for all our installations. From heavy duty CS to regular KS tracks up to 19’ long. There are corded version CCS and CKS – very smooth and reliable. Regular KS tracks available in white, black, silver and brown colours including all accessories, brackets and sliders. All tracks are bendable. For KS trakcs several colors are available: white, black, brown and silver.